Sculptura Carmen – La scultura. Versi sciolti

14 DOISSIN Louis DE CARLI Luigi Sculptura Carmen – La scultura Versi scioltiDOISSIN, Louis - DE CARLI, Luigi

Milano, Marelli 1775

In 4to, (1) l., 202 pp., engraved frontispiece. Boards. Italianand Latin text. The first Italian edition of Doissin’s short poem about sculpture, forerunning the one about engraving (see infra), with De Carli’s captions. The monuments’ descriptions were widely appreciated, at time: between them the Praxiteles’Venus, the Laocoön, Myron’s Cow, etc.

Doissin (1727-1753), a jesuit father, dedicates his lines to Callot’s Temptation of Saint-Anthony, to works by Durer, Galle, Vischer, Titian, and puts in light the Carracci workas an engraver; he also states that the black and white of engravings can give back the color modulation of paintings. Between the matters: double way to engrave, etching, the capricious style of Stevano della Bella, how old is the woodcut technique, Ugo da Carpi invention, press description, how to clean spot from printings, drawing science; Callot,Rembrandt, Marco Antonio Raimondi, Annibale Carracci, the art of miniature, Vernet’s sights, architeture prints, theworth added to books by engravings…

Cicognara 1987, n. 977


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