Lettera al R. Sig. Giovanni Carga sopra la Villa di Tuscolano dell’ill. e rev. monsig. Gio. Battista Campeggio

28 ROSSI Giovan Galeazzo Lettera al R Sig Giovanni Carga sopra la Villa di TuscolanoROSSI, Giovan Galeazzo

pubblicato con
De Tusculana Villa sua 
CAMPEGGIO, Giovan Battista

Bologna, Benaccio, 1571

In -4to, pp. (32), at sheet C1 the title page of the second work, with editorial mark; in text big woodcut decorated initials; board.

Ex libris Giannalisa Feltrinelli.

History and description of the Villa said Tuscolana, near Bologna, bought by Sir Campeggio for 15.000 ducats from Remondina family.

The author engages in different interpretations of the name given to the villa, ethimologic and historic, as in the version supporting the theory that the name was chosen in memoryof the mansions, “Tuscolane” or “Tuscole”, near Rome, where also Cicero and Lucullus lived.

The outside and inside architecture are described, gardens and every kind of recreation activity there carried out:music, feasts, balls, games, hunting, battleships. The description of the garden of delights follows up in the latin letter, published along with the first one, that Campeggio signs in 1567.


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